Shewbart's Writing System


Andrew William Shewbart
美國籍 田納西州 Vanderbilt University 大學畢業
( The U.S. News Ranks Vanderbilt 18th in U.S. )
英國 The University of York M.A. 兒童教育研究所
( The Times ranks York 7th in U.K. )
( The Times comments: "No university can better York's record for teaching quality" )

Hi!   My name is Andrew, the president of Andrew Consulting Company. With more than a decade of experience teaching, managing, training, and publishing in Taiwan, I have a clear picture of the shortcomings in all levels of English learning in this environment, from kindergarten to adult. I created Andrew Consulting Company specifically to address the deficiencies I have encountered.

The biggest problem I see in Taiwan's English primary education environment is the lack of proficiency in English writing.   From junior high school on, students are required to plan, create, and submit writing assignments in English. However, kindergarten, public and private elementary schools, and cram schools do not teach the skills required to author original and well-written English compositions. For this reason, Andrew Consulting Company has developed a comprehensive program to build students’ interest, confidence, and competency in English writing. From teacher training to materials, we have thought of every detail to make your English writing program successful and allow your students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

唐威廉美語 William Language School
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