Will my income taxes be withheld and paid by the employer?
Yes, It is the law in Taiwan. They rate at which you are taxed depends on the amount of time you have been in Taiwan for a calendar year.
Who will pick me up at the airport when I arrive?
Before leaving your country, you will inform WLS of your arrival date and time, airline, flight number, and city of departure. You will be met at the airport by a WLS representative who will take you to your temporary lodgings.
What is the electrical voltage in Taiwan?     
Most apartments offer both 110 and 220 volt (60Hz) outlets. 220V is more common these days, and most appliances and electrical equipment will have 220V plugs, though some may be dual voltage. Adapters are readily available, as are batteries. If you have dual voltage equipment make sure you have them set for the right voltage or damage may occur.
Will I have access to a computer and the Internet?
There are computers at all WLS schools for teachers to use in lesson planning.  They are not connected to the Internet. Internet cafes are found easily. Once you have your own apartment and computer, it is an easy and inexpensive process to get hooked up by a local ISP.
Will I be entitled to medical insurance through my employer?
Taiwan law stipulates that your insurance coverage begins once you have your ARC. It covers a good portion of the costs of medical treatments, dental visits, hospital and clinic visits (whether to a Chinese or Western style doctor), prescription medicine, eye exams, etc.
Why WLS?
Training, Support and Environment. Our training program is the best in Taiwan. We have regularly scheduled workshops for teacher development. All WLS teachers go through our indoctrination program (workshops, class observations and debriefings, video-training tapes, readings). We have experienced mentors on duty every day to help with lesson planning and to lend teachers a hand. We have a fully developed and proven curriculum for all types of WLS classes. Our curriculum includes lesson plans, guidelines, targets, tests, homework handouts and teacher notes specific to each class that were created, designed and tested in Taiwanese classrooms by our staff. All teachers may be considered for positions of Teacher Trainer, Head Teacher, Education Director, and Curriculum Development Advisor once they have gained experience and shown interest in and ability to handle these positions.
How will I be treated as a woman?
Western women are mainly viewed as capable and independent and are accorded a different standing.
Cost of Living?
In Taiwan, most things are relatively inexpensive. Local eats and clothes are reasonably priced. Rent ranges from US$250-300 per month for a communal apartment.
Are deposits for phone or apartments required?
Yes, the standard apartment deposit is two months rent in addition to first month's rent. As a foreigner, most local phone providers, land or cell, will require a deposit of around US$100.
What clothes should I bring?
Taiwan is cool in the winter (8-15 degrees Celsius) and extremely hot in the summer (30-37 degrees Celsius). It is advisable to bring cool summer wear and medium weight clothes for the winter. The rainy season begins in April and continues until May.
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