How long is the school year?
You will be teaching for the entire year. Language schools are private and teach year round. When primary and secondary school are out of session, private language schools become very busy.
What holidays do I get?
You get all national holidays, a long break for Chinese New Year, a 7 day summer vacation(depends, unpaid holidays for some of our branches).
What is salary paid?
Monthly.  The payday is on the 10th of every month.
How will I receive my salary payment?
Your salary will be paid in cash on pay day.
In what currency will my salary be paid?
Your wages will be in New Taiwan Dollars.
What about taxes when I come home on income earned in Taiwan?
In Canada, if you are out of the country more than 2 years, you can able to claim non-resident status. For less than 2 year, you must file a tax return but you do get tax credits for all the tax that you paid while overseas.

For US citizens, if you are out of the US for more than 12 months, you must file a tax return. You will receive a foreign earned income credit and will most likely not have to pay any tax.

Upon acceptance of the position, will WLS give me a sponsorship guarantee form, a contract, and a certificate of employment?

If you accept a position offered you, we will send you a copy of our contract so that you may review its contents. We prefer to hire people already in Taiwan. If you are applying from abroad, you need first to apply for and receive a 60-day tourist visa in your home country. On the day after you arrive in Taiwan, you will come to our office to fill out all your paperwork for your work visa.

Filing from abroad is procedurally difficult and expensive. In Taiwan, WLS assists you with your medical tests (which involves tests required for employment by the government). If you file from abroad, you must be tested in hospital that typically charges between US$300-US$600.  Additionally, there is a good chance that the Taiwan embassy (TECO offices) would not recognize the results of tests performed abroad.  In Taiwan, the documents are easily accepted. It saves you time, money, and bureaucratic entanglements. WLS sponsors you for the work visa, certificate of employment, and ARC (alien resident certificate). There is a small charge for these items.

What type of working Visa will your sponsorship grant me?

The visa you will receive is an Alien Resident Certificate. An ARC allows you to stay in the country for at least one year and permits you to work legally for the school that sponsors you. In addition, visa renewal is also a much simpler process if you choose to renew your contract with WLS after the initial two years.

Will I be required to hand over my passport to your office for the duration of my stay?
Of course not.  Your passport is the property of the government that gave it to you. WLSI does recommend that you make and keep photocopies of your passport, and leave a copy with your employer in case of loss or theft.
What is the minimum and maximum number of students in each class?
Our Primary and Secondary Program classes contain 8-15 students.
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