Our curriculum includes lesson plans, guidelines, targets, tests, homework handouts and teacher notes specific to each class that where created, designed and tested in Taiwanese classrooms by our staff. We believe that providing an immersion environment for students in English, will allow students to develop the ability to think and communicate in English confidently and effectively. William Language School classes are taught completely in English with Chinese employed only to speed translation and the understanding of grammar concepts. William Language School teachers come from the United States or Canada to make sure our strict North American pronunciation standards are adhered to. All WLS teachers go through our indoctrination program (workshops, class observations and debriefings, video-training tapes, readings). We have experienced mentors on duty every day to help with lesson planning and to lend teachers a hand. The William Language School system allows every student to participate and to receive individual attention from the teacher. William Language School learners achieve a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment in a team-based English learning environment. Students develop strong relationships with their classmates and teachers by participating in our program.

Class size contain between 8 and 15 students. Students are grouped together by ability determined by our placement testing.


唐威廉美語 William Language School
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